Ibiza Party

palmtreeThe parties on Ibiza are legendary. They are the one reason, people come to the island. Nowadays, there’s so much choice, you will get lost in party-mekka without a bit of preparation. I wish I would have known this, the first time I went to Ibiza! That would have saved us from wasting some coins and some hours waiting in lines or wandering around. 

What you should know first
Without spending a loooot of money, or knowing the right people, you will not end op in the Ibiza party-scene like in the movies. Maybe foolish, but I didn’t know. Tickets are trés expensive, and if you follow the promoters to a bit cheaper party, most of the time it aint that good. between all the glam, there’s also some rubbish going on. But, if you know where to pay attention to, you will find your way to party-paradise 🙂 keep on reading.

The Ibiza parties – How it worksballoons
Like said, there are plenty of party-places on Ibiza. But their are a few, never changing, big clubs: Pacha, Amnesia, Privilage, Space, Ushuaia. This clubs all have their own weekly program, that repeats every week. During the week, they all offer one or two ‘special’ nights, with a famous theme and/or  artists. The prices can double this nights! The different special nights from this big clubs hardly overlap. So when one club does his special thing, other clubs bring a less special program to you that night. Most of the time, their entrance fee is cheaper and they hand out discount bracelets on the popular beaches (Playa den bossa, Figueretas  or the beaches of San Antoni), to still attract some visitors. If you want to make use of the discount, go to the club in time! As there will always be (big) lines and you miss out on the deadline.

Should I buy any tickets in advance?
You can buy tickets for almost every party in advance. They are sold in every shop, bar and restaurant. The vendor will tell you tickets are limited and you will have a discount when you buy with them, but this isn’t always true. If you go to ‘normal’ parties, you drinkscan buy your tickets at the entrance. If you want to go to a more popular party (you find out, which this is, as everyone’s talking about it), it might be wise to buy your ticket in advance. But if so, I would recommend checking the prices online before buying your ticket at a bar or in a shop. If you arrive late at a club, or if it’s one of the popular nights, they can charge higher rates on the door, than they advertise with.

So, what are the prices?
Club fees you can expect to be 30-50 euro for ‘normal nights’ and 50-90 for ‘special nights’. Discounts are valid mostly by entrance before midnight, and reduce the price to 20-25 euro. But, if you are inside early, you will maybe buy an extra drink. The prices of beverage will shock you, if you find out for the first time:  soda’s cost 5-8 euro, beer 6-10 and a single vodka  7-12 euro. Oh and if you think about refilling your waterbottle, be careful, most clubs put something in the tap-water, so you could not consume it… yeah it’s true.

Buying your drinks in the supermarket or drinking cocktails in a cute bar at the beach is a lot cheaper. Most bars also offer cocktail happy hours.

So, which parties should I go to?
Because all the parties are very expensive, especially if you want to go to the ‘better ones’, I will recommend to pick one or two expensive nights, with artists you really want to see.  The rest of your stay, try to visit every night a different club, because they all are special in their own way. Be sure you don’t miss out on Pacha and Ushuaia! I will give a detailed club description below.

Pacha Ibiza’s most popular club, situated in the harbour of Ibiza town. Locals go here and everyone who wants to experience the ‘real Ibiza party vibe’. I’ve only seen the outside. That was beautiful though. After cueing for 30 mins, they asked us to pay 64 euro, instead of the promoted 48. This is when we left. Still feel a bit sorry about it! So I would say; go, find out for yourself if Pacha is the best?!

Ushuaia This open air club, is located in the middle of hotel Ushuaia around a swimmingpool. They’ve grown big in a short time by hosting popular artists like David Getta and Swedish House Maffia. Party’s already start during daytime! I really liked it here, but maybe this was because of the VIP-bracelet and the Moet. Prices are insanely high and cues are bigger than big. So get a discount and go early. Or go to a less popular party. Located in Playa den Bossa (west from Ibiza town).ushuaia poolparty

Space This club is also in Playa den Bossa. It is huge, with many different rooms. The place apparently won a lot of prices for best soundsystem etc. Famous for their party’s on Sunday ‘We Love Space’.

Amnesia One of the oldest clubs. I didn’t found this one really good, but I think it depends on the night you go. In compare to other clubs, their appearance isn’t that special. They host Cocoon on Mondays and are famous for their foam parties on Wednesday, called ‘La Troya’.

Privilege This is the biggest club of the island, and also in the world. They’ve an fascinating design with water, bridges and DJ-islands. Nice to check out, but probably best when they’ve a special program (Tiesto or Armin van Buuren).

Now, more of my favourite places 🙂

sankeys ibizaSankeys I looooved this. The vibe was different then in the other clubs. Probably because most people come here especially for the music. The club doesn’t look spectacular, but the dancefloor and DJ boot are in a kind of shape, every-one feels connected to eachother. They host namely techno DJ’s and their prices are a bit less expensive than anywhere else. Located in an residential close to Playa den Bossa.

DC10 This one is special as well. It’s a club locals like to come, and only opens on a couple of days a week. Their Monday parties ‘Circo Loco’ are famous worldwide. The interior looks nice, a bit like a cave actually. They have a big garden where you can hang out. Music is underground and techno. They are situated next to the airstrip of Ibiza airport.

Of course there are more clubs, spread over the island. In Sant Antoni you find nice clubs as well like Es Paradis and former Eden (now Gatecrasher). They are more cheap and host famous parties and DJ’s as well. There’s also the popular Zoo Project, in Ibiza’s abandoned zoo. People go their dressed up and painted like animals. Other nice and famous bars are Blue Marlin with live music but expensive drinks and food. Or KM5, this place supposed to be a good, and rather cheap hang out.

You’ll find a lot of info about Ibiza’s clubs and the party-calendar on http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night_i.htm

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