Ibiza street

I have to say, I’m not the typical Ibiza visitor. Because I’m not really into big, fancy happenings, like you’ll definitely find here. However, I do like nice parties,  nice shops, restaurants and lovely old European villages. You also will definitely find here. This both sides of Ibiza, in combination with her ever growing popularity,  made me curious about the island. So I went there,  twice. First in summer 2011 (by Roadtrip :)), second time summer 2012.

Ibiza has two sides. The one relaxed, basic, zen. The other pumping, busy and high class. Although, I like the first better, I’ve mostly experienced the other side.  I’ll try to tell you about both.

What to expectcala Salada
Heaps of entertainment. You simply can’t be bored on Ibiza, there’s so much going on here.  Because of all the possibilities, it might be a bit hard to find your way to the things you like most. Especially in the partyscene. It all looks real charming, but if you don’t want to spend that much money or if you don’t have the right connections, it’s not that easy to get the special Ibiza party- experience.

If you’re not only focused on the parties, there’s a lot more on Ibiza to enjoy. For example Ibiza’s beautiful old town with all the lovely shops and restaurants you can wish for. For the more adventurous ones, the island also hides  a lot of nice bays to discover.  On the whole island, you find a chill and relaxed vibe. People are friendly and happy. If you plan on going to Sant Antoni, expect a bit more of a party-and alcohol consuming vibe.

Naturephoto beach figueretas
ah, there’s not much of this… the island is kind of rocky and barren. Although there are beautiful bays to discover. And some nice caves as well, I heard about.
Not much original culture to experience as the island is taken over by tourists. The first were arty and creative, though. You find handmade clothes and jewelry everywhere in Ibiza city. Their are also some hippiemarkets on the island (see map below).
Drinks and food
Enough restaurants and plentyyy of bars to find. In compare to the prices in the big clubs, drinks and food in town are much cheaper. They will maybe be even more cheap than back home. And the food tastes jummie as well.
there are (party)buses on the island, but I used taxi’s or our own rented car for getting around. To reach most of the clubs, you can take a partybus, or a taxi. Latter will cost you 10-15 euro from Ibiza Town.

S'Estanyol playa IbizaWhere to go
You find a map below with al the nice places I’ve been and would like to recommend. Other than Ibiza City (the old part) there’s no town I know about that’s worth a visit. The beaches I point out on the map, are truly amazing, especially Cala d’hort, Cala Salada and S’Estanyol. I would recommend to hire a car for discovering the island and visiting the more remote clubs. Furthermore, Ibiza’s old town is a real beauty. Her suburbs are not interesting to visit, as is San Antoni. Cala d'HortFor parties, I would recommend visiting Ushuaia, Pacha und Space. As to me, they are the most impressive and typical Ibiza. For more about the parties, read below.

Where to stay
There are so many options on accommodations, it really depends on what you are looking for, where you can stay best. You will find beautiful apartments in Ibiza town, but they are probably not that cheap and I wonder if you can park a (rented) car here. Figueretas and Playa den Bossa are good cheaper options near Ibiza Town. From here you can walk to nice beaches, the old city and some clubs as well. If you want to rent a private villa, go ahead. There are plenty of options on villas as well. Staying in Sant Antoni, is also a possibility, as you find here the same facilities (clubs, entertainment, beach, bars, shops etc) as in Ibiza Town, only less atmosphere and less nice, in my opinion.

For all details about Ibiza’s parties, including a ‘party map’, I wrote a distinguish chapter 😉 you can find it here.

Ibiza-discoverClick on the Image to enlarge.






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