Central America

Central America… where to start about this adventure? We’ve seen and done so much…  Below you find a map of our route!!!

4 weeks of backpacking in Central America
In february 2014 we arrived in Guatemala City. Exactly four weeks later our plane would leave San Jose, Costa Rica. we squeezed five countries within 4 weeks time. In despite of the warnings online. But, although we could visit less than we planned, we had such a great time! All the countries are beautiful in their own way, with different nature and culture.

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, what to expect?
Although I tell people I visited ‘Central America’, all countries bring a different experience of course. What surprised us most, is the difference between Costa Rica and the other countries. Maybe common known, CR is way more (touristic) developed, but as well, the nature is completely different. So many green leaves… and wild animals everywhere. the whole country felt like one big zoo. Hell we had fun here! In the previous countries the different culture was very nice an interesting to see.

I will go more into detail about the separate coutries in the subpages. Read on about Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. General practical information and tips, you will find here.

The map below shows the route we took. In the different subpages I’ll describe our experiences of the five different countries. 🙂


backpacking through Central America in 4 weeks

Their are some places we considered visting, but couldn’t make it. They are also on the map (without a line)


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